Your time is extraordinarily important to us, and it is our goal to provide you with focused attention and consideration while we tend to your beauty needs. Likewise, our time is important to all guests who reserve it in order to have our focused attention. For this reason, any
guest arrival more than fifteen minutes beyond the reserved time may be rescheduled by Bespoke, as necessary. We understand that life happens, and will address any and all situations as best we can to safeguard overall satisfaction.

Unkept Reservations and Commitments.

Bespoke Hair Company makes every effort to confirm reservations when they near, as a measure of fidelity to all parties. Missed appointments mark a loss of time, investment, and opportunity for other guests and our artists. Accordingly, any reservation cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will incur an additional cost at the time of rescheduling, equal to 50% of the scheduled service. Failure to keep the appointment without notification will all also incur additional cost at the time of rescheduling, equal to 100% of the scheduled service. These additional costs, incurred as a result of an unkept reservation, also known as a deposit, will be forfeited if the rescheduled service is thereafter unkept. The purpose of this policy is to recoup measurable losses sustained by Bespoke Hair Company and our Artists as a result of unfulfilled reservations. Acknowledgment of this policy is implied at the time reservations are initiated. Refusal to pay costs incurred due to unkept reservations may result in declination of continued services from Bespoke Hair Company.

Exchanges, Returns, and Remedial Services.

Customer satisfaction is our first and lasting priority. We stand by our take-home products and use them ourselves to achieve the same great and lasting results you experience every time you visit Bespoke. It is our pleasure to educate, provide recommendations, and help you attain your goals. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchased products, they can be returned or exchanged as necessary. Subject to consumption, condition and use. This does NOT apply to brushes, flat-irons, and all other beauty products which touch the hair or body, those sales are final unless outright defective. Defective accessories will be replaced.

Bespoke artists will dedicate time and consideration to your personal beauty budget and goals. It is important that you feel comfortable with and have full understanding of your desired end state, and the required time and procedures to make your desires a reality. Hair color treatments and transformations often require multiple visits and stages before the transformation is fully realized. Dissatisfaction will be addressed on a case by case basis, but specific concerns must be raised within five days of the hair treatment. No remedial action or intervention will be provided by Bespoke Hair Company after five days, unless the additional or remedial service is scheduled at regular cost to the guest.

All sales on makeup and/or cosmetic services are final.

Permanent/semi-permanent cosmetic services (Microblading) and Professional Hair Extensions require a personalized consultation.

Children are not to be unattended at Bespoke at any time, for any reason. As is necessary for safety concerns and the comfort of other guests, there are no exceptions.